About Frostbyte Marketing

Kevin DavisI am Kevin Davis, a Marketing Specialist for a large automotive group with locations in Colorado and Florida. I never thought of myself as a word smith, I’m terrible at spelling, but I wanted to create a site where I could share thoughts and experiences learned from my career and clients.

Since 1999, I’ve been creating dynamic websites, and conducting successful online marketing initiatives that include social media marketing, Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns through search engine optimization (SEO), marketing consultations, graphic designing and database programming.

Originally from San Diego, now Hailing from Colorado Springs

I’m the father of three children. My family loves the outdoors and we’ve recently discovered our love of travel. Last year, my youngest son was in the hospital for almost a full month between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Once he recovered, we journeyed to Mexico for a week. His hospitalization was the first factor that sparked this blog. I wanted to discover an outlet to share any kind of experiences.

In 2002, I entered the automotive industry. In the automobile vertical, I’ve had access to many different vendors and solutions, which gifted me the creative and cutting-edge experience needed to share valuable marketing insights.

Experience and Exposure to Vast Marketing Topics

The amount of money dealerships spend in monthly advertising greatly exposes me to all areas of marketing. Since 2010, I’ve successfully handled the traditional side of the dealership marketing that includes production of radio and tv ads, buying air time and working on billboards and media print.

As the Marketing Director for three auto dealerships for five years, our team played a significant part in propelling one of our Colorado Springs locations to achieve 2nd in the state for overall new vehicle sales for a full year! Because of the size and immense competition of the Denver stores, never before had a Colorado Springs dealership affiliated with that franchise achieved that honor.

In May 2017, our dealerships were sold to a new group, buying and adding even more dealerships nationwide. With the change in ownership there came a change in roles. This is another life event that sparked my decision to take the plunge and start a blog.

What Do I Have to lose?

I started Frostbyte Concepts to help smaller businesses succeed in this crazy world. Quality marketing shouldn’t be a concept to the small business owner. The teachings of this blog will assist small business owners succeed by reaching larger, local, and national audiences.

I’ll be documenting my progress along this new and exciting journey. My goal is also to learn from others and find out what really works in all industries and start real discussions. So, this begins my journey …