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Sign up for Bing Places for Business to get your business found online

Now that you have started a business you need to get it found online! One of the top business listing sites is with Microsoft’s Bing Places for Business. Bing Places for Business is one of the strongest back-links to your website as far as Microsoft and Bing are concerned. It makes it known that you have a real verified business and lists all of your local information.

Creating the Bing Places account

Now that you have signed up or connected your email account to a Microsoft Account we need to get your business found online!

One of the best and easiest places to start is with Bing Places for Business. Bing Places is one of the strongest back-links to your website as far as Microsoft is concerned. Back-links are links from other sites to yours. Back-links are important factors in determining page authority rankings.

All of Microsoft’s properties have some authority to the Bing search engine. Example, Bing Places for Business makes it known to Microsoft that you have a real verified business and lists all of your local information, including images and videos.

Note: Start by getting signed up or connecting your email account to a Microsoft Live Account that we need to get your business found online! Read our blog Why You Should Register Your Email Account With Microsoft Live.

If you are unsure where to start registering your business to get found online, the best online map and directory websites to start is Bing Places for Business (below). Other great locations can be found in additional blogs for Google My Business and Yelp.

Let’s get started by getting your listing found on Bing Places!

Click through to to start.

In the upper right-hand corner sign in, with your Microsoft account.

Once you are signed in, you’ll need to search for your business listing to get started.

If your business is not found, click on the [Create new business] button.

Setup your Bing Places listing.

Complete the business name, website and address. Located on the right-hand side, adjust the map marker, if needed.

Choose your business segment, category and add your business description. Make sure you have keywords people will search for your business in the description! It is important to have well written descriptions for all local business listings.

Next, enter your contact information. Your business phone, display email address like,, and add your business Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you’ve not yet setup your business social media account, don’t worry, they can be added later.

Adding photos! Add photos of the interior and exterior of your business, and include staff members, menus and anything your customers might find interesting about your business.

Finally, enter your Working hours.

Congratulations you have created your business listing!

Additional settings

Once you have completed the setup, you’ll need to Verify your listing. Click on the Verify your business [By Post] or the [Verify now] button.

Once you get the postcard in the mail, come back to this page and enter the verification PIN. As soon as you enter the PIN your listing will be live!

That is all there is to the primary setup of Bing Places. For additional local business listing setups see the blog An Online Marketing Checklist that Gets Your Business Started.Get Your Business Found With Bing Places For Business


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