Copywriting for Online and Digital

Your Words Matter — What is Copywriting and Why is it So Important?

Copywriting is the lifeblood of digital marketing. Without a hefty dose of targeted copy, your target market won’t understand your message, they won’t become invested, and they won’t give your business a second glance.

Start sending a message that your target market will remember with the help of Frostbyte copywriters!

So What is “Copy”, Anyhow?

Copy is the written content on any website, social media post, or search ad. Good copy connects with your target market, and it gives you the opportunity to give your brand a “voice” and a “personality” that will keep your customers coming back for more.

So what does the “voice” of your brand sound like? Is it creative, inspiring, and personable? Or is it flat and monotoned? Don’t worry. Our professional copywriters can help you avoid the latter, and they can help you get the most out of your digital marketing strategies in the process.

Copywriting for Online and Digital
Discuss Your Copywriting Goals.
Digital Copywriting
Copywriting for Online and Digital

Why Frostbyte Copywriters?  

Finding the right copywriter for your brand can be a long, expensive process of trial and error. Every copywriter has a different style, tone, and skillset, and not every copywriter will be a great fit for your business.

Not to mention, every copywriter has a different price. Did you know that freelance copywriters can charge up to $200 per hour? That’s a lot of money for a job that may or may not end up being what you were looking for.

At Frostbyte, we believe that good copy shouldn’t be so difficult to come by, and we believe that you should know exactly what you’re going to be getting before you’re slapped with a bill.  In addition to being insanely affordable, our copywriters have years of experience in crafting a wide range of digital deliverables. Below are just a few of the copywriting services that you can take advantage of:

Web Copy – Your website is your brand’s first impression. And if your brand’s “voice” isn’t engaging, then your target market won’t want to engage with you. Frostbyte copywriters have the skills and the know-how to introduce your brand to your target market with a successful digital handshake.

SEO – The success of your brand depends on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without it, your target market may not be able to find your website at all because it’s over on the second page of Google. That’s why our copywriters are trained in industry-leading SEO tactics. From keyword placement to hashtag optimization, our copywriters will make sure your target market gets the message.

Social media – Social media marketing is widely underrated. Reach your target market on a more personal level with the help of our copywriters and social media specialists.

Search ads – Looking to boost your exposure? Paid search can help. Our copywriters have years of experience in brand awareness, themed, and remarketing campaigns. They’ll work with our PPC professionals to ensure that you’re getting the right message out to the right people.

Email chains – Don’t wind up in their Spam folder. Our copywriters are trained in industry-leading email marketing tactics, and they can help you reach your target market on a more personal level.

No more writing for YOU – This might just be the best part. With the help of Frostbyte copywriters, you won’t have to worry about writing anymore. Period.

Don’t Settle for Average Copy

You deserve expert-level copy without the expert-level price. Stop fishing through Google for freelance copywriters, and stop overpaying for copy that may or may not turn out how you had hoped it would. Give us a call today and chat with one of our professional, affordable copywriters!