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Claim your business with Google My Business to be found online

Google My Business is one of the strongest backlinks to your website as far as Google is concerned. It makes it known that you have a real verified business and lists all of your local information.

Creating the Google My Business account

Now that you have started a business you need to get it found online! One of the first places to start is with Google My Business. Google My Business is one of the strongest backlinks to your website as far as Google is concerned. Backlinks are links from other sites to yours. Backlinks are important factors in determining your page authority ranking.

All of Google’s properties have some authority to their search engine. Example, Google My Business makes it known that you have a real verified business and lists all your local information, including images, and videos. A few of the businesses, 40-60% of all phone call traffic start with Google My Business. One property gets over 1,000 phone calls per month from that listing.

You might hear marketing professionals call it by the acronym GMB, or you may have heard that acronym and wondered what someone was talking about. Everyone has to turn everything into an acronym.

Note: Start by getting signed up or connecting your email account to a Google Account that we need to get your business found online! Read our blog Why You Should Register Your Email Account With Google.

If you are unsure where to start registering your business to get found online, the best online map and directory websites to start is Google My Business (below). Other great locations can be found in additional blogs for Bing Places for Business and Yelp.

Let’s get started by getting your listing found on Google!

Click through to https://www.google.com/business/ to start.

In the upper right-hand corner sign in, with your Google account.

Make sure the map marker is in the correct location for your business.

Fill out the additional business information. We recommend having a phone number as this is how your business listing information will be confirmed. If you ever change any information, Google might call you to verify you’ve made these changes. REMEMBER: If you have a website, be sure to add the URL here!

Congratulations you have setup your account!

Additional settings and an introduction to the main settings for Google My Business

You are all done creating the listing, but now we want to tweak the information to ensure your business listing stands out so that your business gets found.

These adjustments are not required but completing your profile helps your listing stand out from others that don’t add the additional information.

We are going to at a minimum, add a description and photos. The same settings are also used if you need to make any changes to your listing such as business days and hours.

Start by clicking on your location name on the Manage Locations.

On the left-hand side click on Info, this will let you add in a company description with up to 750-characters, with spaces. This is a great place to describe your business and add some keywords your clients use to search for you.  REMEMBER: be sure to use all 750 characters!

We recommend turning on messaging, it gives your customers the ability to text your business. Do this by Clicking on the icon located on the left of Messaging.

Then, enter your phone number or a Google Voice number, it will need to be a cell phone to receive a SMS text message as confirmation.

Lastly, add photos of your company! Add a cover, profile and logo. If you have a physical location, add some great interior pictures of your business. For video, don’t be afraid to use your cell phone. The profile image is square. The cover photo has a 16:9 aspect ratio. That is basically the shape of your computers screen, a rectangle. Your logo file can be any shape. For additional information on Google My Business shapes and sizes see our Social Media Graphic Cheat Sheet blog.

That is all there is to the primary setup of Google My Business. For additional local business listing setups see the blog An Online Marketing Checklist that Gets Your Business Started.Help Your Business Get Found With Google My Business


After all this information getting dumped on your brain, Frostbyte Marketing does not want your head to explode! We also understand some of this can be confusing and complicated and do not want you banging your head against the wall. We can assist with any questions or issues. To contact us for help please email info@frostbytemarketing.com.

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