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How Much Do You Really Know About Your Sales Funnel?

Try to answer that question in your own words. Did you hesitate for a second? Or did you find yourself admitting that you only “sort of know” what goes into your sales funnel? Were you able to explain what happens when you have a sales funnel that is working in your favor? And if so, were you then unable to explain exactly how that positive outcome is achieved?

If you feel like you just don’t have the full picture when it comes to sales funnels, then don’t worry. You’re not alone. Our experts are here to help.

At Frostbyte, we specialize in all things sales funnels and lead generation. We have the skills and the know-how to boost your leads and fill your sales funnel in the best way possible.

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How a Better Sales Funnel Can Help

Lead generation is vital to the long-term success of your business. Wouldn’t you agree? Well, what if we were to tell you that the key to boosting your leads lies within the structure of your sales funnel?

Have we piqued your interests? Great. You’re already catching up with your competitors.

So, what goes into a successful sales funnel? Well, most sales funnels look something like this:  

1). At the top of the sales funnel is “awareness” (people have to know about your business before they can buy anything from it, after all).

2). Next comes “interest”. This is when your potential customers become interested in what your business has to offer. At this stage, brand trust typically starts to develop.  

3). Then comes “consideration”. They’re interested, but they haven’t quite made up their minds just yet. At this stage, they may need an extra little nudge with some special offers.

4). If your potential customers have made it past the “consideration” stage, then “intent” will start to brew next. In this stage, they’ve almost made up their minds, and they have your product sitting in their shopping carts. Here’s where you’ll need to sweeten the deal!

5). The next rung on the sales funnel is “evaluation”. Your potential customers are getting ready to commit to the sale, but they may need to shop around some more to make sure they’re getting the best deal. Here, you’ll need to nurture the sale. Otherwise, your competitors will snatch them away!  

6).  If the needs of all of the previous stages have been met, then your “potential” customers will become just customers — they’ve finally arrived at the “purchase” phase. You’ve successfully swayed them away from your competitors, and if they had a positive buying experience, then they’re more likely to refer your business to their friends and family members.

Now, that was a lot of information to throw at you. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, then don’t worry. That’s why we have experts on-site to do all of the heavy lifting for you. Too many businesses miss out on valuable lead generation because their sales funnels are missing a few rungs. But here at Frostbyte, our experts know how to build you a successful sales funnel, and we’re prepared to make it happen for you right now.

Lead Generation Funnels
Lead Generation Funnels
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