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Paid Search Advertising for More Leads (and Less Stress)

We’ve seen it happen way too many times:

Too many business owners struggling to keep up with Google AdWords tutorials. Too many business owners overpaying for digital marketing services just to alleviate the stress of pay-per-click (PPC). Too many business owners settling for mediocre PPC ads. Too many business owners not getting the results that they deserve.

The way we see it, enough is enough. That’s why Frostbyte is prepared to dig you out of the PPC rut once and for all. Our PPC experts are trained in industry-leading PPC tactics, and they’ll help you get that leg-up you’ve been looking for.

Don’t settle for second-best. Or third-best. Or fourth-best. Our PPC professionals will get you to the top of Google search lists every time. Give us a call today to learn more!

How Does Paid Search Advertising Work?

Your target market has very specific needs and wants, right? And the main goal of your business is to meet those needs and wants. In fact, you’re already convinced that your product or service will exceed those needs and wants. Now you’ll just need to convince your target market.

That’s where PPC advertising can help.  

Let’s say your ideal customer jumps on Google to fulfill those needs and wants. He or she will perform a Google search, and they won’t be willing to scroll farther than the fourth of fifth search result. So if you want any chance of being seen, then you’ll need to appear at least somewhere near the top of the search results page. When done correctly, PPC ads will appear at the top of your target market’s Google search results.

PPC ads are specialized ads that contain a link to your business. They typically appear on the upper left-hand side of Google search results pages, and their page placement is heavily influenced by the keywords you choose. The more relevant your keywords, the more targeted your ads.

But it’s one thing to choose a great keyword. It’s another thing entirely to use it wisely. But before you start stressing over those confusing PPC tactics, we have a better solution for you:

Let us handle the busy work for you so you can get back to focusing on other things.

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