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How to create a Google Account

Why in the world would you have me register my email address with Google? Registering your email with Google will save time when signing up for services like Analytics which is strongly recommended to do at the start of setting up any website or blog. This will also give you access to other services such as Google My Business, Maps API, AdWords, Tag Manager, Webmaster Tools and/or Voice. We will go into more details about these services in additional blogs.

NOTE: If you have a Gmail or G Suite account your email address is already tied into your Google accounts!

All our clients go through the process, even if they aren’t the person directly managing the advertising. Additional blogs are coming on, How-to register for all those services and, How-to grant vendors access to the accounts in Administering Google Analytics and AdWords.

You can have your vendors use your accounts or you may grant then individual permission to use the account. We strongly recommend that you sign up for all the above-mentioned services so that you have the primary account, for more details read our blog Online Marketing Checklist.

You may even sign up for things such as G Suite for a professional email address using your domain extension, view our G Suite blog.

Now let’s get started on the how to register your account with Google, follow the link or search for “Create Your Google Account”.

On the registration page just below [Choose Your Username], you will see a blue link that says [I prefer to use my current email address].

Complete the remaining questions of the form and click [Next Step].

Scroll down and Agree to the Privacy and Terms

You will need to verify your email address, and the way you do that varies depending on your current email provider. Certain providers like Yahoo will let you verify from within the sign-up process.

Click on the Agree button.

For additional local business listing setups see the blog An Online Marketing Checklist that Gets Your Business Started.Why you Should Register your Email Account with Google


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