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Does Your Online Website Font Size Matter?

Yes, font size does matter … I had to write something with that phrase in one of my blogs! There is an ongoing debate about what size is right for your website, is it 12, 14 or 16? In the past, traditional sizes were 12-point and your choices were simply Serif or San Serif. In typography, a serif is a small line attached to the end of a stroke in a letter or symbol. I saw a marketing graphic that said you need to have a 16-point font on your site so your visitors can easily ready your text.

UX, or user experience is about readability. A slightly larger font is easier to read, especially when 40-80 percent of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. As you’ll see below, size varies drastically. This site is using Open Sans at 16-point, a slightly larger font created by Google and part of Google Fonts.

Today, with Google Fonts and HTML 5 or website plugins you have the ability to choose whatever font you prefer, for the many different aspects of your website, like paragraph text, headings and menus. Some WordPress themes integrate Google Fonts into them. If yours does not, you may still use something like Easy Google Fonts.

Depending on the font you use, you should have between 14 and 18 point, (16 is a great starting point). Make sure your text is readable both on desktop and mobile. If you choose to have a crazy Heading font, one that fits your style, make sure you pick a readable font for your main paragraph text font. Studies show that the more readable your text is, the longer you’re your visitors will stay on your site, creating a great UX!

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