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Why I Started This Blog

I’ve been in traditional and digital marketing for over 15-years. After starting as a dynamic database driven website programmer, I went into online marketing. Following extensive training, I achieved Google and Bing certification.

As Marketing Director, I was responsible for a $200,000 per month budget, which is more than most businesses spend in a year. The budget was used to create online and traditional marketing campaigns like TV and Radio.

Over the course of my career, I’ve had exposure to many different technologies and platforms so, I know what good looks like, but more importantly, I know when I’m being sold beans- and not the magic kind!

I started Frostbyte Blog because I have a ton of friends who ask me for help in creating marketing strategies for their small businesses. I try to negotiate price, especially for them. I’m good at bartering, for example, you’re a friend who’s broke and starting a pizza place, give me a free pizza anytime my family comes in. The only thing I may turn down is barnyard animals! So many would tell me they still couldn’t afford anything but just need a place to turn for valuable marketing strategies.

After taking on two clients, both good friends of mine, as an experiment, my first step was stepping into their shoes to look around, researching where I’d turn if I didn’t have marketing knowledge. Well, what I found was some information here, partial information there, but for the most part, couldn’t find what I needed in one location. Then, I had an idea, what if I documented it! From there, blogging fell into my lap. Spread the information to everyone who needs it!

I never thought of doing that before, honestly because I was afraid to have someone see anything I wrote or created. In high school and college, I was an Art major. I never once kept any of my art because I thought it wasn’t “good enough.” Blogging, and keeping my work around, is going against my entire “gut” feeling.

My plans are to start with the basics, and then dive into analytics and how numbers help grow your business. I start this journey with the local business in mind and will keep that focus. But, eventually, I will expand on how I can help other bloggers with their work.

In the early start to blogging I’ve had so many people reach out with questions. I have 26- unfinished blogs at this point to complete and share. While I work on wrapping those up, if anyone needs my help… at this point, trust me, someone else has the same question(s) elsewhere… email me and I will post an answer. Once I get fully publishing, I’m thinking about awarding a prize for the “Question of the Month.”

Any thoughts, let me know.

Marketing Questions?

If there is any topic you wish to have answers on or simply discuss, please email us at [email protected].

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